Berea, OH -- Entry Level

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Berea, OH -- Entry Level

Post  Sean Wilson on Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:06 am

Employment Opportunities
The City's firefighters are members of the classified Civil Service.
Applicants are hired from an eligible candidate list. This list is established through written and physical agility testing.

The list is valid for 2 years.

The City has used various testing agencies, most recently Daniel T. Clancy & Assoc. for both police and fire. Clancy gives a "general knowledge" test.

Extra credit is allowed for military service with honorable discharge. Upon return of your application, submit your DD-214 indicating one year or longer of military service to be eligible for 2% military credit with minimum passing score on the written test.

There is a $25 fee to take the test.

General Qualifications

*18 years of age or older prior to any appointment
*Pass written test
*Current CCC West Firefighter Agility Test Certificate
*U.S. citizen
*Valid driver's license
*Good driving record
*High school or equivalent
*Residency within 25 miles of fire station within six months after completion of 18 month probation
*Pass polygraph, medical and psychological exams prior to hire
*Ohio certified Paramedic by time of hire

Salary and Benefits

*Starting salary, year 2009: $51,610
*Uniform allowance
*Paid hospitalization
*Pension system
*Sick leave
*Personal leave
*Paid holidays

For additional information, contact the Civil Service Secretary at 440-826-5800
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