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Post  Sean Wilson on Mon May 10, 2010 10:34 pm

The City of Walla Walla is accepting applications to establish an eligibility list for the position of:


Opening Date: Monday, April 25, 2010
Salary Range: Firefighter - $4159-5308/month
Firefighter-Paramedic - $4733-6042/month
Closing Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 5:00 p.m.

BASIC FUNCTION: Under the direction of a Fire Captain, protect life and property through fire suppression, fire prevention and emergency medical aid.

Entry Level Firefighter - Participate in fire suppression and low to high angle rescue activities; operate pumps, aerial ladders and other auxiliary fire apparatus. E Participate in engine and pumper hookup at scene of fire; lay connector hose; hold nozzle and direct water stream to combat fire; raise and climb ladders; use chemical extinguishers, bars, hooks, ropes and other equipment to suppress and extinguish fires. E Enter buildings partially or totally involved in fire. E Drive ambulance and administer emergency medical aid within certification level; prepare medical incident report. E Participate in training and continuing education in fire suppression, emergency medical aid, use of equipment, special assignments and other matters; provide training to others as required. E Perform salvage and overhaul operations; sweep water; remove debris; search for and extinguish hidden fires; investigate for causes of fire. E Participate in apparatus maintenance, testing and inventory control. E Perform general maintenance duties for firefighting equipment, apparatus, building and grounds including light to medium repairs, as needed. E Participate in developing pre-incident emergency plans. E Perform fire prevention inspections of commercial and residential buildings; check for fire hazards; seek abatement of hazards through education, demonstration and enforcement of regulations; test fire hydrants. E Assist in the determination of fire causes; provide fire prevention training as assigned. E Participate in physical fitness activities to assure physical readiness to participate in emergency operations. E Operate at operations or technician level on hazardous material scenes; respond to incidents involving hazardous materials; wear self contained breathing apparatus; and use specialized tools and equipment to save lives, protect property, suppress fires. E Participate in testing and maintenance of fire extinguisher equipment; complete daily and weekly check off sheets. Provide tours of the facilities to the public and school children; provide educational programs to teach safety and fire prevention. Teach CPR and other illness/injury prevention concepts to emergency personnel, City staff, and/or citizens. Participate in special committees and projects as assigned. Prepare a variety of related fire and emergency reports and equipment records as assigned and to help ensure proper reimbursement for expenses incurred. Participate on specialized rescue teams as assigned. Perform related duties as assigned.

Firefighter/Paramedic – In addition to all firefighting duties: Teach departmental medical classes as assigned; provide emergency medical work direction to others as assigned. E Drive ambulance and administer emergency medical aid in accordance with protocols; prepare medical incident report. E Utilize advanced medical equipment and monitors in the course of emergency medical treatment. E Assess patient condition and initiate treatment; initiate airway, electrical and pharmacological therapy; intubate, defibrillate and administer drips and medications as directed. E Perform a variety of rescue techniques from light to heavy duty. Perform related duties as assigned.
Denotes an essential function of the position.

KNOWLEDGE & ABILITIES: (Within prescribed probationary time parameters)

Knowledge of: EMT or paramedic medical treatment. City and County roads and maps. Technical operation, use and maintenance of specialized fire apparatus, vehicles, ambulances and equipment. Pump and hydraulic operations. Techniques, methods, materials and equipment used in fire prevention, fire suppression and emergency medical services. Principles and practices of fire science. Firefighting procedures such as hose and ladder practices, forcible entry, ventilation, vehicle extrication, salvage and overhaul procedures. Proper tool and equipment usage and maintenance of firefighter equipment. Recordkeeping and report writing techniques. Oral and written communication skills in English. Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy. Perform prolonged and strenuous work in adverse conditions. Perform heavy physical labor and climb stair and ladders. Building codes and types of construction.

Ability to: Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing in English. Maintain Washington State EMT certificate. Perform responsible duties in the response to fire alarms and medical emergencies and the suppression of fires under emergency conditions. Respond to fire alarms and extinguish structural, automotive, chemical, aircraft, forest and other fires. Operate fire vehicles, ambulances equipment and apparatus. Utilize appropriate fire suppression agents and techniques. Perform fire prevention inspections on commercial and residential buildings. Perform emergency medical techniques as necessary. Determine appropriate action within clearly defined guidelines. Maintain Fire Department buildings, equipment and apparatus. Drive fire ambulances to emergency scenes. Set up and operate pumps, hoses and related hydraulic equipment at fire scenes. Triage victims and provide appropriate medical treatment in emergency situations. Read, interpret, apply and explain codes, rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Maintain records and prepare reports. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others. Perform prolonged and strenuous work in adverse conditions. Perform heavy physical labor and climb stairs and ladders. Search for victims in hazardous environments. Work courteously and tactfully with customers and employees.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Must be U.S. Citizen and 21 years of age by closing date and have one year paid/volunteer firefighting experience or IFSAC certification.

LICENSES AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS: All applicants - EMT required. Paramedic candidates must have Washington State and/or National Registry EMT-P certification or acquire certification within six months of the date of hire. Valid State driver's license and good driving record; and non-user of tobacco products on and off the job.

Note: Firefighter/Paramedics shall, as a condition of continued employment with the City, maintain that certification for a period of not less than six (6) years from date of hire. Failure to maintain Paramedic certification may be grounds for immediate termination.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Indoor and outdoor environment; adverse weather conditions; subject to working around fumes and smoke. Physical abilities include heavy lifting; bending, stooping, crawling, and pulling hoses to suppress fires and rescue victims; reaching overhead and above shoulders; carrying victims; standing and walking for extended periods of time; climbing ladders for rescue; utilize hand and power tools for medical and fire emergencies. Possible hazards include fire, smoke and fumes inhalation; working with people with unknown medical problems; working at heights; extreme weather conditions; exposure to contagious diseases and blood; working with hostile or abusive individuals; toxic fumes, hazardous materials; working in confined spaces; falling objects.

To be considered for this position, a completed City application, resume, supplemental questionnaire and $15 testing fee must be returned to the Human Resources office (P.O. Box 478 Walla Walla, WA 99362) by the closing date on the front of this announcement. Paramedic candidates must provide (if applicable) EMT-P Certification. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements will take a written examination on June 1, 2010. A score of 75% is required to pass the written exam. The top 20 applicants following the written exam will be scheduled for physical agility testing and an oral panel interview on June 1-2, 2010.

To obtain application materials, contact WW Job Line (509) 529-0380 or see City Website www.ci.walla-walla.wa.us

REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION: The City of Walla Walla will provide reasonable accommodation to handicapped applicants, if requested. Please notify the Human Resources office at least 5 days prior to the need.

HOURS OF WORK: An FLSA non-exempt position working an average annual work week of 50.16 hours.
SALARY INCREASES: The City provides for a regular progression of salary increases based on satisfactory job performance.

TRIAL SERVICE PERIOD: Regular status is subject to successful completion of a twelve-month trial service period.
NOTE: The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provision contained herein may be modified and/or revoked without notice.
PAID LEAVE: New LEOFF II shift employees receive 216 hours of sick leave at the time of employment and then accrue an additional 18 hours of sick leave each month thereafter. Vacation is accrued at the rate of 120 hours the first year and will increase incrementally as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.

RETIREMENT: All regular City employees are mandatory members of the State of Washington Public Employee's Retirement System (PERS) or Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters (LEOFF). Employees and the City jointly contribute to the plans.
GROUP INSURANCE: The City offers medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans to employees and their eligible dependents. Currently employees pay 10% of the monthly premium cost.

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