Fort Worth, TX -- Open recruitment fire trainee (no experience reqd)

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Fort Worth, TX -- Open recruitment fire trainee (no experience reqd)

Post  Sean Wilson on Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:02 pm

Applicants must successfully pass a written test, an aerobic capacity run, a physical assessment test, a background check, a polygraph examination, interview and medical/physical examination.
Education — High school diploma, G.E.D. Certificate or 12 semester hours of college.
Residency — Must live within 30 minutes of designated report-in station; must be accomplished within six (6) months of employment.
Age Requirements — 18-35 years of age. (Cannot have reached 36th birthday by date of entry-level exam.)
Licenses — Valid and current Class "C" Driver's License. (Will be required to obtain Class "B" while in training.)
Veteran — Must have received an Honorable Discharge to qualify for veteran points on passing score. Please submit photocopy of DD214 (Long Form- Member 4) at time of application.
Base Salary: $3,104 monthly while training; $3,999 monthly upon graduation; $47,986 annually
Longevity Pay: $4 per month times the number of years of service, up to 25 years.
Incentive Pay: $60 per month for associate's degree, or $120 per month for a bachelor's degree following one (1) year of service after commissioned (college degrees must be in related areas);
Uniforms: Uniforms will be issued.
Bilingual Incentive Pay: $100 per month upon successful completion of language Spanish proficiency test and use of that language on the job.
Promotions: Promotions are granted on basis of competitive civil service examinations.
Three weeks paid vacation
Nine paid holidays
Seven days family sick leave
Retirement fund
Credit union
Military leave
Co-paid group hospitalization and life insurance available in service area
Fifteen days sick leave each year

The City will be accepting fire trainee applications from July 15 through Aug. 5, 2011.

Applications must be filled out electronically at

Download a Recruitment Packet

Civil Service Exam
Aug. 30, 2011; Fort Worth Convention Center, 1201 Houston St.

Complete our job interest card in order to be notified of the next application process. Your name and address will be added to a database and we will notify you prior to the application process. The Civil Service exam will be given upon meeting minimum qualifications.

More Information

Fort Worth Fire Recruitment
1000 Calvert Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Fort Worth Human Resources Department
1000 Throckmorton
Fort Worth, TX 76102
An equal opportunity employer — The City of Fort Worth affords Equal Employment Opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, religion,age, disability status or sexual orientation.
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